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Go The Distance opened its doors June 2017. It all started because I myself wanted a gym to go to where everyone felt welcomed, no matter what your fitness goals are. At Go The Distance we are a family gym, everyone will feel welcomed if its your first time in a gym or you have been going to gym for years its a place for everyone. We have 5,000 square feet filled with old school equipment, cardio and a small upstairs where your kids can be while you are taking care of your health.

We also offer on one one personal training, so if you're not sure on where to start we can make sure you will get on the correct path to adding quality years on to your life.

Come be part of our GTD family.




Krista McNaught-Davis | Owner

My name is Krista and I have always had a passion for health and fitness. Starting really young running cross country and track and that eventually led me to getting my B.A. in Sports/health science with nutrition I also keep my CSCS certification current. My first love in fitness is running I have completed numerous marathons including the Boston Marathon. After years of running I wanted and needed a new challenge so I started training for body building shows doing women's physique this led me to attaining my pro card. As much as I enjoyed competing I knew it wasn't my end goal for fitness, I wanted to get back to being an athlete and challenge myself in a whole new way. I started training for triathlons, this is where my heart is at I love everything about this process. I have completed in a Olympic Triathlon and a half ironman thus far. Owning a gym and being a personal trainer is a dream I have had for years, we are all put on this earth for specific purposes and I believe I am here to help others get out of their comfort zones and challenge themselves to become healthier and live a better life. It's a messy journey, but once you step into Go The Distance you will realize you are with family and get confidence in attaining your goal.

Debbie Stewart

After a life of running, cycling and weight lifting, I decided to become a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association in 2015. I am passionate about keeping the body strong through exercise and healthy eating, because of all the positive effects it has on quality of life. I love sharing this knowledge with people and seeing them create goals and achieve the changes they are looking for.

I have run marathons, done triathlons, and competed in obstacle course races. Over the last five years I have competed in bodybuilding competitions, competing in bikini, figure and physique classes. I am a firm believer in finding new challenges and continually evolving. I love to share this passion with people and encourage them to try something new. As a trainer I can help with making you stronger in order to enjoy an active lifestyle, or by simply improving movement and health.

Skills: Strength Training, Nutrition Guidance, Coaching for bodybuilding competitions

Certifications: NSCA, CPT

Brandi Adaszewski

My name is Brandi! I've had an interest in the health and fitness field for about 9 years now, and have over 4 years of experience in the field from working in a gym, to being in a physical therapy clinic. I had an injury ealy on playing soccer that immersed me into the physical therapy field, and then gained 50lbs after that injury which led me to being fascinated with the health and fitness field. I decided to change my major in college from psychology to exercise science, to pursue either personal training or physical therapy, and now im fortunate to be able to do both (currently in school for physical therapy assisting). through the gym i met some awesome people, got involved with competing in bodybuilding, and just learned everything i could (still do) about health, weight loss, and nutrition. Currently I have a bachelors in exercise science, i'm a certified personal trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association, and have my Precision Nutrition Level 1 coaching certification. I also run my own online and in person training and nutrition coaching business to help people fit fitness and nutrition into their lifestyle, for long lasting results.I also coach bodybuilding competitors in the Bikini, Wellness, Figure, and Men’s Physique categories. I believe with hard work and consistency you can reach any goal you’d like, and make this life of health and fitness a lifestyle! Other than fitness things, I love food, coffee, and being outdoors in any season!

Kyle Stevens

My name is Kyle Stevens I have been working out since I was 14 years, I also stood on my first bodybuilding show at 14 since then I have competed in 24 shows while earning my Professional card as a bodybuilder. I have helped train several professional athletes, in NYC, LA and locally as well. I am here to train clients who are serious about their results and take their fitness and nutrition to another level. The goal in training is to help educate the client on proper fitness techniques and nutrition so you as the client can take what you have learned and apply it. Let's have Fun!

Jacob Masterson

Hi my name is Jacob Masterson. I’ve been a strength coach and personal trainer for over 10 years and have a degree in exercise science from EWU. With a background in rehab, powerlifting, sports performance (including D1 athletes) and bodybuilding, I can guarantee you’ll not only feel stronger, but perform better in every aspect of life. The long list of powerlifters I have trained, including myself, have set numerous powerlifting records and we are always looking to add to our team.

Charles Miller

I started my journey into living a fit and healthy lifestyle in 2008 with a 120 lb weight loss in order to join the Marines. During my enlistment I was able to keep off the weight, but had a significant amount of excess skin and wasn’t able to build muscle very efficiently. In 2012 I drank the punch and became a Crossfit Level 1 Instructor. This was a really nice transition for me coming out of the military as I was looking for something with some intensity. I learned a lot about the aspects of functional fitness and cross-training. The most beneficial part about CrossFit for me was that it transitioned into the outdoor activities that I enjoyed in my free time such as rock climbing, snowboarding, rafting, and hiking.

In 2013, I moved out to Colorado and started taking my passion for the outdoors seriously. I spent 2 years “dirtbagging it” or basically being homeless and camping so that I was always either at a trailhead or a crag. This isn’t an easy lifestyle, but it kept me moving forward in my

pursuit of happiness.

Between 2015 and 2016 I studied with Colorado Mountain College to become as skilled as I could in Outdoor Recreation and earned a certification. This only made me hungry for more and at the end of 2016 I started taking classes at the American Alpine Institute to become a Professional Mountaineer Trainer/Instructor. I did this until 2018 going back and forth between Colorado and Washington; spending a month or two at a time in a sleeping bag on a glacier learning the skills I needed to safely navigate through extreme environments while keeping my clients safe.

At the end of the year in 2018 I had a shoulder and bicep surgery on my right side due to an ice climbing accident and decided to take the next 6 months off from extreme sports and work on healing my body. During this time, I was living in Leavenworth, WA and teaching snowboarding at Stevens Pass where I had my next injury on my left shoulder. This time it was a little more serious and caused a DVT.

After some time I had come to realize that my military duty and sports I participated in were taking a toll on my body and health and I started taking classes with ISSA to become a Certified Fitness Trainer and Nutrition Specialist while working on a Sports Science degree. This gave me a new goal to reach for where I wanted to help people achieve their fitness goals and live a healthier lifestyle. I now have an online company where I work with clients on their nutrition and lifestyle and am very passionate about helping people achieve their goals and become their best selves.



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